No more hassle with public transport declarations

Jochem Reintjes
Business travel

Organizations spend an unnecessary amount of time processing travel expense claims. A shame, you take care of it easily with glimble.

Why travel expense reports cost more time and money than you think

Employees again travel to the office an average of 3 or 4 days a week. The number of travel expense claims for commuting and business travel is increasing significantly. And with that, you have another hefty monthly chore on your hands.

  1. As an employer, you are required to check and approve every expense report. Filing for the employee is often cumbersome. Each claim costs the organization time and therefore quickly € 15 per claim. Added to that are the actual claim costs.

  2. You don't know what the costs are until after all travel expense claims have been processed. That sometimes causes surprises.

  3. Claims are often not properly classified. As a result, certain types of expenses are not easy to report. For example, you don't easily know how much money you spent on OV or mileage reimbursement.

  4. An employee has to advance travel expenses themselves. That's cumbersome and something you'd rather not have as an employer.

Away with time-consuming administration

With glimble business you automate your mobility with a free app and portal. This way you make mobility a lot easier and clearer: the administration and also the way to travel is simple. Employees easily plan and pay for the trip in the travel app, without having to advance the trip. And indicate in the app whether it is a business or commuting trip. You receive a monthly overview afterwards with all trips made and the invoice. Piece of cake.

Mandatory check not needed An employee no longer has to advance a trip by public transport or declare it to you separately. That saves both of you time. Another advantage: because it is no longer a claim, you don't have to check each transaction separately for the Tax Office. You only do that if you want to and in a way that suits your organization. For example, once a month or quarterly.

No more declarations

Glimble Business Travel helps companies and employees save time, money and hassle when it comes to travel expense claims. But it has many more advantages, such as insight and overview and freedom of choice for employees. Complicated? Well no, our applications are flexible and easy to implement. No project is required, it is easy to explain to employees and even easy to try out with a group. You can increase or decrease the number of participating employees on a monthly basis.

Written by Jochem Reintjes

Jochem is sales manager Business Mobility at glimble. He helps organizations of all sizes to realize flexible mobility without complicated procedures or high costs. With energy and a positive attitude, he likes to come up with logical, practical solutions that will help you move forward immediately.

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