Attractive employer through flexible mobility

Jochem Reintjes
Business travel

The 'war on talent' is in full swing and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Currently, 20% of our population is 65 or older. By 2035 it will be over 24%.

And so organizations are thinking more and more about how to attract and retain employees. Such as with flexible mobility.

Freedom of choice

Every employee has their own preference for transportation. And that varies from day to day. Working from home, in the office, a business appointment? Rain or sun? Own transport or public transport? With flexible mobility, it doesn't matter: your people have a free choice. But as an employer, how do you organize this in a somewhat convenient and smart way? There are so many different regulations and rules to take into account. How do you make sure it is well organized and you comply with all the rules? And have as little administration as possible? That turns out to be the great art.

Why flexible mobility?

Not surprisingly, more and more employers want to offer flexible transportation right now, because all signs are green:

  1. Since COVID, employees are working from home more often. Employers must record that the employee travels to the office for more than 60 days for flat-rate travel reimbursement.

  2. Want to provide a home office allowance.

  3. A fixed allowance is relatively expensive when working from home a lot. Switching to an allowance for actual travel is often cheaper.

  4. Companies with more than 100 employees will soon be required to keep track of all business and commuting mileage (Normative Regulation Work-Related Passenger Mobility).

  5. Flexible travel/home working is a fine fringe benefit.

How do you arrange this administratively smart?

In current practice, employer and employee appear to be busy. The monthly travel expenses declarations, the regulations, the mandatory registration of business and home-work mileage, the correct monthly compensation for each employee and soon also CO2 tracking. Administratively complex and a load of work every month. In this area, there is good news: because all this is now automated in a very user-friendly way by glimble.

Combine travel app & portal

Glimble combines a travel app for business and commuting travel with a user-friendly portal. Day at home? Own transportation? The employee puts that in the clear portal. Daytime public transport? That's possible with the travel app, which in turn 'talks' to the portal. There is no need for advance payments and as an employer you are relieved of time-consuming declarations in one fell swoop. And everything is registered according to the rules. Every month everything is listed in 1 clear overview.

Developed for the business traveler

You may also know the glimble app from private travel. There are more than 200,000 active users of the travel app for the Netherlands, which is available in more than 40 languages.

Software developed by specialists Years of development were put into this intelligent software by international carrier Arriva. The great thing: the software is not tied to this carrier: all public transport operators in the Netherlands are unlocked by this travel app, so your employees travel in complete freedom, within the limitations that you determine.

Save time and money We help companies switch to an arrangement where the employee decides how to travel. If you travel by public transport, the costs are reimbursed by the employer. Do you travel** **with your own transportation (car, bike or walk) then you will receive reimbursement for those trips. Simple and clean.

Written by Jochem Reintjes

Jochem is sales manager Business Mobility at glimble. He helps organizations of all sizes to realize flexible mobility without complicated procedures or high costs. With energy and a positive attitude, he likes to come up with logical, practical solutions that will help you move forward immediately.

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