Easy travel on public transport

Train, bus, tram or metro? With glimble you plan all routes by public transport and get your tickets. 

Check out these helpful features in the app

Plan je reis met de reisplanner en koop je OV-tickets

See travel options available nearby

Tap ‘Nearby stops' in the app to see all local stops, stations and shared transport services wherever you are. Tap the one you want and the app will guide you to it. So the glimble app is also helpful when you are out and about.

Find shared transport
Maak kennis met glimble en plan je reis met de reisplanner

Personal trip planner

Enter your start and end destinations and glimble will suggest travel options. Use public and/or shared transport. Cycle or walk part of the way. Set your preferences and make your choice.

Trip planner on our website
Plan je reis met de routeplanner van glimble

Buy tickets directly in the app

Decided on one of the public transport options in the trip planner? Click ’Buy' to select and pay for the ticket(s) you want. Buy tickets for more passengers.

About buying tickets for public transport

What are the benefits of using glimble to travel on public transport in the Netherlands?

  • Travel without an OV-chipkaart

  • Trip planner and tickets for all public transport services in one app

  • Buy tickets for more passengers

  • See all travel options nearby

  • Travel assistant guides you through your journey

  • Combine public transport with bike, scooter and car-sharing services

Download travel app glimble
glimble maakt jouw reis

Travel on all public transport in the Netherlands

With glimble, you travel with all public transport operators in the Netherlands.

Syntus Utrecht

Travel easier, travel smarter

Reizen zonder OV-chipkaart met glimble

Travel without OV-chipkaart

Buy your tickets directly in the app. No need for an OV-chipkaart. And checking in and out is not necessary.

A bike or scooter for the last bit?

Combine public transport with shared mobility. Find a shared bike, shared scooter or shared car easily via the glimble app. You can also easily find bikes at the station, such as OV-fiets. In the app, click on 'nearby stop', zoom in and see if bikes are available.

Download the free glimble travel app here

Discover the comprehensive travel planner for public transport and shared transport. Buy public transport tickets across the Netherlands for yourself and travelling companions in just a few clicks. No extra costs and easier travel.

Frequently asked questions

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