Reimbursing private travel by public transport made easier from January 1st

Jochem Reintjes
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There had to be enough room in the work expense plan to provide this additional employment benefit. Otherwise, your employee might have to pay extra tax. From January 1, 2024, this will become easier and it will therefore become more attractive to offer this employment condition. You can then do this in 3 ways. Whichever way you choose, you no longer have to keep extra records for the Tax Office. You can pay the private travel expenses by public transport of your employees without tax consequences.

  • Make PT-product available You as an employer buy an OV product for your employee and pay for it directly. So your employees don't have to advance anything. When they leave employment, any ov-card has to be handed in.

  • Pay subscription or ov-costs Your employees arrange their own card or app for ov travel. You as the employer then buy a subscription for the card, or pay the travel costs.

  • Refund ov expenses Perhaps the most classic way: your employees arrange their own ov-card or app to travel with and initially also pay the costs themselves. They declare the costs to you, after which you pay them.

Would you like to motivate your employees to take public transport more often? Then consider reimbursing their private travel as well. With option 1 you make it as easy as possible for them and for yourself: your employees don't have to pay anything in advance and you don't have to check claims or figure out complicated subscriptions. Let your employees travel with glimble business. You will receive a monthly invoice with all expenses incurred and your employees no longer have to advance anything. Also handy: you also get the mandatory CO2 reporting, so you no longer have to worry about that either.

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Written by Jochem Reintjes

Jochem is sales manager Business Mobility at glimble. He helps organizations of all sizes to realize flexible mobility without complicated procedures or high costs. With energy and a positive attitude, he likes to come up with logical, practical solutions that will help you move forward immediately.